Podcast 10 – Starting to review campsites!

Podcast 10 – Starting to review campsites!

This podcast is for grown ups.


I often have moments to myself, like when I’m walking Mara. I often find myself reflecting on the past. Yes, there are things I could have done differently. Things I should have said and so many things I shouldn’t have. But I can honestly say I have no regrets.

But I do worry about the next generation. They have it harder than I did. I’m forever advising them to create their own opportunities and to make things happen.

This week I’m celebrating my 10th podcast. How did that happen? Double figures! I love creating podcasts. When I go filming I have a car load of equipment. But when I’m recording my podcast I have a tiny microphone that gets lost in my pocket. Recording audio is so much quicker too. I enjoy everything about podcasting.


I love the fact that my podcasts are so organic and I just adapt when opportunities arise and things happen. Karen came up with a cracking idea, I should review the campsites we visit in Dora.

This podcast starts with me walking Mara, reflecting on life and ends with us reviewing Faskally Holiday Park.


Faskally Holiday Park – www.faskally.com