The Invisible Little Girl Who Lived In A Cupboard

The Invisible Little Girl Who Lived In A Cupboard

Being invisible made Crystal feel lonely at times. She was invisible to non-believers but very visible to believers. The only believer she had met in her whole five years was Ted the cat and he was more like a parent to her than a friend. Ted had looked after Crystal since she was a baby.

Crystal’s real parents belonged to the Enchanted Toadstool Fairy Association. They are a group of fairies with golden hair and green eyes who live under toadstools in an enchanted forest next to a stunningly beautiful beach somewhere in Scotland.


When she was a baby Crystal’s mother would put her in a tulip flower so a gentle breeze would rock Crystal to sleep. Her mother would then get on with her house work.

One day however when baby Crystal was sleeping in her tulip a storm, named Hamish, was brewing and heading towards the toadstool village.

It happened so suddenly! A huge gust of wind blew through the enchanted forest breaking the tulip flower off the stem lifting it high into the sky with baby Crystal inside asleep.

Eventually Storm Hamish calmed and the tulip flower floated back down to earth. It landed safely and gently in a garden in the middle of the city. Baby Crystal slept through the entire adventure and had no idea she was no longer in the Enchanted Toadstool Fairy Association village and indeed, was now lost.

The garden the tulip landed in belonged to a family called Cooper, they had a baby girl called Ashley who was the same age as Crystal and they had a cat called Ted.

It was Ted who found the tulip flower with baby Crystal inside. He gently carried the flower in his mouth through the cat flap and placed it in Mr Cooper’s old slipper in the cupboard under the stairs.

And that is where Crystal grew up.

Ted would bring her food and drink every day. She didn’t smell considering she had never had a bath or shower since the day she had been found. Ted saw to that. She loved the way his tongue would tickle every time he licked her clean.

Crystal was now nearly five and the height of a tennis ball. She loved Ted but she missed her real family and dreamed of having a best friend.

Mr and Mrs Cooper had been in the cupboard many, many times over the years but had never noticed Crystal. She had tried to attract their attention by jumping up and down waving Christmas decorations at them but they never saw her.

Their daughter Ashley never came near the cupboard. That was until one day, when Ted and Crystal were snuggled up together having an afternoon snooze.

“There you are Ted.” said a small voice.

Ted yawned then stretched he was still feeling snoozy. Crystal rolled over onto the warm patch Ted had just left and opened one eye.

“Hello, sorry did I wake you too?” asked the small voice.

Crystal opened both eyes, five year old Ashley Cooper had opened the cupboard door and was staring right at her. Ashley could see Crystal, Ashley believed in fairies.

“Ted and I were just having a nap.” said Crystal.

“Would you like to play?” asked Ashley.

“I would, I would love to play. Thanks.” said Crystal.

“My doll Kit has a dress just like that.” said Ashley.

Crystal smiled and remembered that Ted had given her the dress. In fact Ted had given Crystal everything he was like a father and mother to her. But she really missed her own family wherever they were.

Before long Ashley had set up her doll’s tea set in the cupboard and together they were having a tea party.

“Is there anything in the tea pot?” asked Crystal.

“Yes, pretend tea and I have some lovely pretend cakes too, would you like one?” asked Ashley.

“This is the best pretend tea and cakes I’ve ever had.” said Crystal.

“Thank you.” said Ashley.

They both laughed. Crystal knew that a friend who believed in fairies and enjoyed pretend tea was just the kind of friend who would help another friend find her way home.

All summer long Ashley and Crystal played together. On rainy days they had pretend tea parties in the cupboard under the stairs and on sunny days they played games in the garden with Ted. They had become best friends.

Ashley told her parents all about Crystal and what they got up to. But Mr and Mrs Cooper thought Ashley had an imaginary friend because they didn’t believe in fairies.

At meal times Ashley would leave a little bit of food on her plate and some drink in her cup.

“Have you finished all your dinner?” asked Mr Cooper.

“I’m leaving some for Crystal and the rest of the fairies.” said Ashley.

Mr Cooper just smiled and cleared the table.

At the end of summer Ashley started school and was gone during the day. Crystal was back to feeling lonely again. She decided it was time to ask Ashley for help.

One Saturday morning they were playing in the cupboard Ashley was telling Crystal all about school and what she had learnt.

“Ashley you are my best friend.” said Crystal.

“And you are my best friend.” said Ashley.

“Would my best friend like to help me get back home to my real family?’ asked Crystal.

“A best friend would do anything for a best friend.” said Ashley.

Crystal told Ashley all about the Enchanted Toadstool Fairy Association and how she got to the Cooper’s garden inside the tulip flower. How Ted had looked after her. How she had no idea where the toadstool village was. Crystal explained she had tiny wings but she didn’t know how to fly yet. Maybe she could fly home one day if she knew the way.

‘’When Daddy gets home for his lunch I’ll ask him to look for your home on Google maps.” said Ashley.

She knew Daddy could do anything on his tablet. Finding Crystal’s family would be easy.

When Daddy searched however no Enchanted Toadstool Fairy Association could be found. Disappointed, Ashley asked if she could leave the table with what was left of her cheese sandwich. Just then her Mummy announced she remembered seeing a tree with toadstools around it and local people called it the Fairy Tree. Perhaps that was it?

“Can we go there today Mummy please?, please?, please?” asked Ashley.

“Okay, after I’ve finished my cup of tea we can get ready and go.” said Mummy.

Ashley slipped away off her chair and quickly headed for the cupboard under the stairs to share her sandwich and give Crystal the news.

“Sorry Crystal, Google couldn’t find your family on the map. But Mummy said there is a fairy tree near here and I begged her to take us there this afternoon.” said Ashley.

Ashley put Crystal in her rucksack and Ted on his lead then Mrs Cooper drove them to the fairy tree.

Through the trees Ashley could see bright colours. When they got closer she saw a large tree covered in coloured ribbons, it looked spectacular. Visitors had tied ribbons on to the tree every time they had seen a fairy. Ashley was positive these fairies could help Crystal.

Ashley took Crystal out of her rucksack and placed her on the ground suddenly a fairy appeared from behind the tree. Then another and another until the ground was covered in fairies. Ashley was delighted. She and Ted had never seen so many fairies in one place. Mrs Cooper was busy texting on her phone, she saw nothing.

Crystal looked intently but she could only see red and dark haired fairies, she didn’t see any golden haired fairies like herself, but she waved anyway. All the fairies waved back. Ashley waved, all the fairies danced in a circle, they were excited that they had found another believer.

A fairy with grey hair and a crown approached Crystal.

“Welcome to our home.” said Pandora, Queen of the Fairy Tree.

“Hello, eh, mmm, pleased to meet you.” said Crystal. She couldn’t remember the last time she saw another fairy she was stuck for words.

“Hello, I’m Ashley, this is Crystal and my cat Ted. Crystal is lost. She’s looking for her fairy family. Can you show her the way home please?” asked Ashley.

Crystal told Queen Pandora about the Enchanted Toadstool Fairy Association, the toadstool village, the beach, the tulip, Storm Hamish, Ted and the Cooper Family.

Immediately Queen Pandora called all the fairies and birds of the forest together. She explained they needed to go and search for toadstools in an enchanted forest by a stunningly beautiful beach where the Enchanted Toadstool Fairy Association lived and tell them Crystal has been found safe and well.

The sky filled with birds and fairies, the air hummed with the vibration of their wings as they flew off in different directions.

Ashley invited Queen Pandora to tea. Mrs Cooper had brought a picnic and Ashley had brought her doll’s tea set. This time it’s wasn’t pretend tea, they drank apple juice from the teapot and ate blueberry muffins. Queen Pandora was very impressed, no visitor had ever invited her to a tea party.

As Mrs Cooper packed the picnic things away a robin appeared. He had found the Enchanted Toadstool Fairy Association, he told the fairies there all about Crystal and her family were on their way.

Crystal hugged the robin, Ashley, Ted and Queen Pandora.

“Thank you, thank you. I’m going to be back with my family soon.” said Crystal.

“Does that mean you are leaving me and Ted?” asked Ashley.

Queen Pandora handed Ashley a tiny little bell.

“Take this bell. It’s a fairy calling bell. Only fairy believers and fairies can hear it. Each bell is tuned to call a particular fairy. I shall tune this one to call Crystal. Just ring it when you want to see Crystal and she’ll come flying to meet you.” said Queen Pandora.

“Thank you so much.” said Ashley.

“But I can’t fly.” said Crystal.

“Your family will soon teach you. Come back and visit us too.” said Queen Pandora.

“I will, I will. Thank you.” said Crystal.

Crystal couldn’t believe her luck, she was going to be reunited with her family at last and she was going to learn to fly. She turned to look at Ashley and Ted.

“Best friends?” asked Ashley.

“Best friends forever!” said Crystal.

All photos sourced from Pixabay.

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