Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy visit the vet.

Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy visit the vet.

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Early one Saturday morning Daddy Dodger was making breakfast for everyone in Sunburst Cottage while Mummy Dee-Dee was on her way upstairs to waken the puppies. She smiled as she climbed the stairs, she could hear the boys snoring they were just like their Daddy.

Mummy Dee-Dee opened the triplet’s bedroom door and said “Good morning Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy. It’s a beautiful day. Time to rise and shine!”

Dash yawned, stretched then summersaulted out of bed.

“Good morning Mummy!” he called as he quickly passed by Mummy Dee-Dee and headed downstairs.

Dizzy yawned then pulled the blanket over his head. He was tired, after all it was a Saturday.

“Come on sleepy head. Daddy is making your favourite breakfast, porridge!” said Mummy Dee-Dee.

Dizzy popped his head out from under the blanket and yawned again.

“Great, porridge!” said Dizzy.

“Dazzle’s bed is empty! Where is she?” asked Mummy Dee-Dee.

“She’s hiding! Dazzle loves hiding!” said Dizzy.

But he had no idea where Dazzle was, maybe she was hiding. Mummy Dee-Dee headed downstairs calling out Dazzle’s name.

“Is Dazzle hiding again?” asked Daddy Dodger when Mummy Dee-Dee entered the kitchen.

“I think so, her bed is empty. Dash have you seen your sister this morning?” asked Mummy Dee-Dee.

“I’ve not seen her yet but I can find her, no problem.” said Dash. Then he ran out of the kitchen.

“Don’t worry Dash will find her in no time.” said Daddy Dodger.

Dizzy was now up and making his way downstairs as Dash went running upstairs.

“Have you seen Dazzle?” asked Dizzy.

“No, but I’ll find her before you!” shouted Dash as he ran past..

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Dizzy went out the front door, walked around the house to the shed in the back garden. He opened the door. There sitting on Grandma Elsie’s armchair was Dazzle reading.

“Everyone is looking for you. They think you are hiding.” said Dizzy.

“I’m not hiding I’m just having some time to myself.” said Dazzle without looking up from her book.

“I’m tired. Are you tired?” asked Dizzy.

“No, I’m wide awake. I’ve been up for ages, this is my second book.” said Dazzle.

“Are you ok Dazzle?” asked Dizzy.

“I’m great thanks. You?” asked Dazzle.

“To be honest, I’m a bit nervous about going to see Lorna the Vet.” said Dizzy.

Dazzle looked up from her book, she looked Dizzy straight in the eyes and smiled.

“I find it a bit scary too. But I’ll look after you.” said Dazzle.

“I’m so lucky that I have a brother and sister to look after me. My sister is the greatest, she really supports me. She always takes care of me when I get into trouble.” said Dizzy.

“We are very lucky to have each other. What makes you nervous about going to the vet.” asked Dazzle.

“It’s silly really but Lorna the Vet has cold hands. When she picks me up I go tingly and I have an urge to go to the toilet. Every time! Once I had an accident!” said Dizzy.

Dazzle stopped smiling, she felt sorry for Dizzy.

“What worries you about going to the vet?” asked Dizzy.

There was a long pause.

“I really, really don’t like getting my nails clipped. I always imagine that Lorna will cut off my toes by accident. It’s silly but I get nervous too!” said Dazzle.

“Lorna is the best vet in the world, she would never hurt you but, she does have very cold hands. There is no need to be nervous.” said Dizzy as he grabbed Dazzle’s paws and pulled her out of the chair. He also grabbed the book she was reading.

“How did you get so clever Dizzy?” asked Dazzle.

“I learnt everything I know from my sister!” said Dizzy as he hugged Dazzle.

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Dash had ran up and down the stairs four times and had searched every room thrice! He was heading back to the kitchen when the front door opened.

“Found her!” shouted Dash.

“Dazzle! Where have you been?” asked Mummy Dee-Dee as she opened the kitchen door.

“Dazzle wasn’t hiding, she was picking you flowers from the garden.” said Dizzy as he handed over a bunch of gorgeous flowers.

“Oh Dazzle they are beautiful. They smell divine. Thank you so much.” said Mummy Dee-Dee.

“I’ll put them on the breakfast table.” said Dazzle.

Mummy Dee-Dee smiled and Daddy Dodger hugged her.

Dash wolfed down his porridge. Dazzle just moved her porridge around her bowl. She took a couple of tiny spoonfuls every time she felt Mummy’s eyes looking at her. Dizzy kept talking about the flowers, how lovely they looked and smelt.

After breakfast the family got ready for their visit to the vet.

“Did everyone remember to give their teeth an extra good clean this morning?” asked Daddy Dodger as they headed out the front door.

The triplets nodded, then Dash ran ahead. Dizzy kept Dazzle company by telling her jokes. She giggled most of the way to the Vet.

Daddy Dodger opened Lorna the Vet’s door, inside was Chelsea the Cat and her kitten Oz.

“Good morning Chelsea and Oz.” said Daddy Dodger.

“Good morning Dodger, the triplets are getting big.” said Chelsea the cat.

Just then Lorna the Vet came out of her clinic and smiled.

“Hello everyone. Good to see you. You all look well. I’ll just see to Chelsea and Oz first. And I’ll see the triplets shortly.” said Lorna the Vet.

Chelsea and Oz followed Lorna into the clinic. Dash played with a ball he found in the toy box. Dizzy read the book he brought from the shed to Dazzle. Mummy Dee-Dee and Daddy Dodger smiled at each other and thought we’ve three healthy, happy and well behaved puppies, we are so lucky.

Before long Lorna the Vet opened the clinic door, Chelsea and Oz came out.

“Thanks Lorna. See you in 3 months time. Come on Oz.” said Chelsea.

“Bye. Ok Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy come on in!” said Lorna the Vet.

Dizzy looked at Dazzle and gave her a huge smile, she smiled back and headed towards the door. The clinic was very bright, the strong lights bounced off the super white tiles. Everyone blinked when they walked in, Dizzy wished he had brought his sunglasses it was that bright. It smelt squeaky clean just like their bathroom after Mummy had cleaned it.

“Dash do you want to be weighed first?” asked Lorna.

Dash ran then jumped onto the scales, it was a huge jump. Lorna was impressed.

“Well done Dash, now stand very still so I can read the scales. Ok, you are exactly the same as last time. Which is good.” said Lorna.

Lorna lifted Dash down from the scales.

“Dazzle your next for getting weighed.” said Lorna.

Lorna picked up Dazzle and gently placed her on the scales.

“Dazzle, you’ve lost some weight. You need to make sure you finish all your meals.” said Lorna.

As Lorna reached towards Dazzle to lift her down, Dazzle started licking Lorna’s fingers.

“Thanks for the licks Dazzle. Hold on Dizzy I need to quickly wash my hands.” said Lorna.

Lorna washed her hands in hot water, dried them, then picked up Dizzy and placed him on the scales. Dizzy turned round to look at Dazzle . He winked at her. Thanks to Dazzle, Lorna’s hands were now lovely and warm. Dazzle winked back.

“Dizzy you’ve actually put on some extra weight. I’ll talk to your Mummy. You’ll need to run around more. Now I’ll check your ears, eyes and teeth.” said Lorna.

Lorna checked Dizzy’s ears, they were dirty so she gave them a good clean. His eyes were good and he didn’t need drops and his teeth were very clean.

“Good job Dizzy. Your teeth are perfect , please remember to give your ears a good wash too. Ok Dash you’re next.” said Lorna.

Lorna examined Dash just as she had examined Dizzy. Dash’s ears were clean, his eyes sparkled but his teeth needed a clean.

“Dash you need to take more time over cleaning your teeth. They are very important to your health. I’ll check over Dazzle while Dash cleans his teeth.” said Lorna.

Lorna looked at Dazzle’s ears, eyes and teeth.

“Dazzle you are the cleanest puppy I’ve ever met. Well done you. Now let me clip your nails.” said Lorna.

“Can Dash go first Lorna? He always goes first.” said Dizzy.

“No problem, ok Dash up you come.” said Lorna.

While Lorna carefully cut Dash’s nails, Dizzy took out the book he brought from the shed and started reading to Dazzle. Dazzle felt calm and relaxed, her mind was on the story and not the thought of Lorna cutting her nails.

“Ok Dazzle!” said Lorna.

Dazzle looked at Lorna then to Dizzy. She swallowed, then coughed.

“Lorna, I was reading this story to Dazzle. Could I please finish it while you clip her nails?” asked Dizzy.

“I don’t mind, in fact that would be lovely, very calming. Thanks Dizzy.” said Lorna.

Dizzy sat next to Dazzle, he stroked her ear as he read a story. Dazzle was listening and watching Dizzy so intently that she didn’t notice that Lorna the Vet was clipping her nails.

“All done Dazzle. Well done. Good story Dizzy, you are next!” said Lorna.

Dazzle read her book while Dizzy got his nails clipped.

“Good boy Dizzy. You pups have been the perfect patients. And perfect patients get treats.” said Lorna.

Then she gave each pup a big mint and parsley biscuit.

“Thank you Lorna.” said the triplets all at once.

“My pleasure!” said Lorna.

On the way home from the Vet, Dash ran ahead of everyone, Dazzle walked alongside Dizzy.

“That was very clever, making Lorna wash her hands before she lifted me. Her hands were so warm. Thank you Dazzle.” said Dizzy.

“You’re pretty clever yourself. You found me this morning before Dash. You worked out I was worried about going to visit the Vet. Thank you for distracting me while Lorna clipped my nails. You are the best little brother in the world. And I love you to Mars and back.” said Dazzle.

Dizzy blushed and gave Dazzle a little nudge with his shoulder.

“Anyone for ice cream?” asked Daddy Dodger.

The puppies all jumped up and down shouting “Me! Me! Me!”

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