Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy Go Camping!

Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy Go Camping!


Before the sun rose and long before Mrs Bone’s cockerel crowed, Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy were wide awake and desperate to start their day!

They were super excited. Because Papa Admiral was coming to collect the triplets in his old boat then sail them down the river to the beach, where they are going to camp.

The puppies loved camping, sailing and of course Papa Admiral!

Dash ran about looking for his sleeping bag. Dazzle already had her jumper and tutu on. She was singing “Row, row, row your boat.”

Dizzy was wearing his snorkel, goggles and water wings. He was ready for the beach. He couldn’t see everything around him because the goggles were steaming up. Suddenly he went flying! Foosh!

“Careful Dizzy, you’ll break my accordion!” shouted Dazzle.

“Sorry!” squealed Dizzy as he slid passed Dazzle’s accordion, knocking it open. The accordion gave out a great big musical sigh. Dizzy landed safely on the triplets’ tent.

“Why are you taking your accordion?” asked Dash.

“Papa Admiral loves singing sea-chanty songs. And tonight around the camp fire I’m going to play my accordion and sing sea-chanty songs with him.” said Dazzle.

The door opened. “Everything alright in here?” asked Mummy Dee Dee.

“We’re fine. It’s just Dizzy! He tripped over my accordion.” said Dazzle.

“Mummy, I can’t find my sleeping bag!” said Dash.

“I’m fine, nothing broken!” said Dizzy.

“That’s good Dizzy; now take those goggles off before you do any real damage. Dash, your sleeping bag is on top of your wardrobe. Dazzle you can’t wear your tutu to the beach, it will get covered in sand.” said Mummy Dee Dee.

“Oh!” sighed the puppies all together.

“Papa Admiral won’t be here for another 2 hours; you have loads of time to get ready. Breakfast anyone?” asked Mummy Dee Dee.

“Yes please!” shouted the puppies together.

While Dash found his sleeping bag, Dazzle took off her tutu and Dizzy took off his googles, snorkel and water wings, Mummy Dee Dee made the triplets’ breakfast.

(What do you like for your breakfast?)

Dash ate his mashed banana breakfast in a flash. Dazzle threw her bone biscuits up in the air then one by one, caught them in her mouth. Dizzy sniffed his carrots, licked them then finally started crunching them.

“Morning pups!” said Daddy Dodger coming down the stairs.

“Morning Daddy!” sang the pups.

“Are you ready for your adventure with Papa Admiral?” asked Daddy Dodger.

“Oh yes!” stated the puppies.

It wasn’t long before the doorbell chimed. All three puppies ran to the door. Dash got there first and opened it.

“Papa!” they cried with joy.

Papa Admiral stood in the doorway smiling. He was a light grey colour, with a black eye patch over one eye. And one of his back legs was missing! A shark had bitten off his leg while he was surfing in Australia. Papa Admiral was an old sea dog, he had sailed around the world several times. He did everything quickly like Dash. He entertained everyone with his marvellous stories like Dazzle. And he had numerous mishaps like Dizzy.

The puppies threw their paws around Papa Admiral’s neck and squeezed hard.

“Easy now shipmates! If you squeeze that hard, you’ll pop out my good eye.” chuckled Papa Admiral.

His voice sounded like bare feet walking across pebbles on the beach. The puppies laughed. Their adventure had begun.

Photo by Pixabay

The puppies ran to the river bank. Dash was the first one to reach the ‘Jolly Dodger’ Papa Admiral’s old boat.

“Dazzle, you raise the flag please.” shouted Papa Admiral.

Dazzle hummed the Blue Peter tune as she raised the flag, which was black with two white dog bone crossed and a picture of Daddy Dodger as a puppy in the centre.

“Dizzy, you go to the crow’s nest and look out for the beach.” said Papa Admiral.

Dizzy carefully climbed the mast and went to the crow’s nest. There he could see for miles and miles.

Dash, can you please cast off then help me let down the sails.” called Papa Admiral.

“Enjoy yourselves!” shouted Daddy Dodger and Mummy Dee Dee from the river bank.

“We will!” shouted Papa Admiral.

The puppies stood at their work stations and waved excitedly then got back to work.

The ‘Jolly Dodger’ slid through the water like a knife through chocolate cake. Lap, lap, lap went the dark water on the sides of the boat. The flag flapped and fluttered. The sails bellowed in the wind. Ducks and swans swam by.
Dash and Dazzle took turns to steer the boat under the watchful eye of Papa Admiral, who was now wearing his sea captain’s hat.

Fluffy clouds drifted by. Half a dozen children on bikes waved at them from the river bank. The puppies thought sailing was magical.

Seagulls squawked then Dizzy shouted “Beach Ahoy!”

Photo by Pixabay

Dash helped Papa Admiral tie up the ‘Jolly Dodger’ at the harbour wall. Dizzy didn’t see the rope move as he stood on it. Dizzy went flying onto the deck but the tent he was carrying went flying all the way over the side of the boat and straight into the water!

“Oh no! Dizzy!” shouted Dazzle.

“Sorry!” shouted Dizzy.

“Don’t worry Dizzy I’ll hook it out!” said Papa Admiral.

He landed the tent back on the deck but it was soaking inside and out.

“What will we do now?” asked Dash.

None of the puppies wanted to sleep in a wet tent.

“A long time ago, when I was sailing round South America, we got caught in a dreadful storm, we became ship wrecked! We used the sails as a tent. We lived in that tent for nearly three months until we were rescued.” said Papa Admiral.

“Can we use the ’Jolly Dodger’s sails to make our tent, Papa?” asked Dizzy.

“Of course we can!” said Papa Admiral.

Suddenly Dizzy didn’t feel as bad.

“There’s always a solution to every problem, don’t you forget that shipmate!” said Papa Admiral.

Dizzy smiled and thought I must remember that.

They all helped take the sails down from the boat and started walking along the sand dunes.

“Over there shipmates!” said Papa Admiral as he pointed to perfect camping spot.

They worked as a team turning the sails into a tent. Papa Admiral threw ropes over the top of the sails while Dash ran round to catch them. Dizzy then hammered in the tent pegs into the ground. And Dazzle tied the rope lines. It took no time to build the sail tent.

“Let’s go beachcombing to find driftwood so we can build a campfire.” suggested Papa Admiral.

The beach was golden like the colour of Mummy Dee Dee’s coat. The sky went on forever and was bright blue the colour Papa Admiral’s good eye. There was no sign of any clouds.

Dash spent his time running from the shoreline to the sand-dunes. He would wet his paws in the tide then he’d get them covered in sand. They would be dried by time he reached the dunes. Then the tide would wash his sandy paws clean again.

Photo by Pixabay

Dazzle danced leaving pretty patterns on the wet sand. She even wrote her name using shells.

Photo by Pixabay

“Look at this one Papa. It looks like a horse.” said Dizzy.

“So it does. Good job Dizzy!” said Papa Admiral.

The driftwood had been rumbled and tumbled by the sea. The tide had smoothed and mangled the wood. The piece of driftwood Dizzy found was shaped like a horse. In fact he had found lots of driftwood, every piece was special. He thought they all looked like something, like a special piece of art. He didn’t want to burn these pieces of art.

(What do you like doing at the beach?)

“Last one in the water is a stinky brussel sprout!” shouted Papa Admiral.

The puppies stopped what they were doing and ran into the sea. Dash got there first and Dizzy last. They splashed and swam in the warm sunshine. Dizzy put on his snorkel, goggles and water wings. He saw a star fish and three baby crabs walking along the sea bed.

(What do you think you’d see on the sea bed?)

When they came out of the sea, they wriggled and shook to get all the water off their coats. Their ears flapping from side to side.

“Who’s for a game of rounders?” asked Papa Admiral.

“Yeah!” shouted the triplets.

After hours of playing on the beach, the pups were now hungry. Papa Admiral showed them how to build a safe camp fire using the driftwood he and Dizzy found on the beach. The fire roared and crackled in the darkness. They toasted marshmallows on long twigs and made baked sweet potatoes.

“Mmmm, my favourites!” said Papa Admiral.

Dazzle played her accordion. Papa Admiral enjoyed singing sea chanties with her. Dash and Dizzy giggled at his pebbly voice. Dizzy watched his horse shape piece of driftwood glow in the campfire. He was sure he saw a horse gallop into the sky. Papa Admiral told stories about his days on the high seas.

Three tired puppies climbing into the sail tent. That night Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy fell asleep as quickly as a blink of Papa Admiral’s eye.

Dash dreamt of running along the shoreline, the damp sand cool underneath his paws.

Dazzle dreamt of playing the accordion, banjo and fiddle. She was making magical music.

Dizzy dreamt of a white horse galloping across the sand and running into the sea.

Under the twinkling curtain of stars Papa Admiral snored but no one heard him for the swish, swash and roar of the waves on the shore.


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  1. Hello again from Emma, Ben and Dinky 😀
    Thank you for the latest story about the puppies.
    I’m enjoying them as much as my little boy Ben. He sits enthralled listening to your stories.
    Do you have any plans for a book?
    Looking forward to the next one!

    1. Hi again Emma, Ben and Dinky,
      I’m happy you liked it. I’ve not written this week’s story yet but there will be one.
      No plans for a book just yet, but maybe one day!
      Thanks for reading & enjoying them. Jacqueline x