Creative Spark – creating a Christmas memory you’ll cherish.

Creative Spark – creating a Christmas memory you’ll cherish.

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I love writing these creative sparks because I believe creativity can be nurtured. Many think creativity appears like magic and others think you are born with it. I believe it’s in all of us but we need to encourage and exercise it. Developing creative skills in children now will impact their academic success later in life.

Let’s get creative!

This week I want to look at creating a poem. I want you to use your senses as the inspiration.


All writers need to be observant. As Christmas is rapidly approaching maybe you should look at Christmas trees in the forest. I’m surrounding by them! Or find one in a shop. Get your child to watch then describe what they’ve seen. Describe the shape, colour, size, the surroundings and how they feel seeing the tree.

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When I’m looking for the perfect location for filming the first thing I do when I get there is listen. Everywhere has its own unique sound.

A writer needs to open their ears and listen. When you are in the forest or shop searching for a Christmas tree, listen, what can you hear? Get your child to describe what they hear and how that makes them feel when they hear that sound.


Tactile writing is vivid it makes the reader feel as if they are right there with you. Get your child to describe how the Christmas tree feels to touch and how they feel being there in the moment.


Smell is the hardest of the senses to describe but smell evokes so many memories. I hope you make it to the forest and are not in a shop for this one!


Share a Christmas treat, mine would be hot chocolate with cinnamon. You could carry it in a flask. It instantly puts me in a mellow Chrismassy mood.

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Now using all those sensory descriptions work together to write the perfect Christmas poem to share with family and friends. It’s an ideal to record the descriptions on your smart phone and take photos of your experience too.

I’d love to read your poems and see your photos. I bet they will all be different and really creative!

Here’s a Yuletide poem inspired by the senses.

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Showering blissful sunshine!

Breath held in time.

Frosted diamond carpet glare,

Crackle, crunch, stare!

Emerald comb fingers,

Stretching graciously, linger.

Velvety, delicate and snug.

Warm delight,

A Silent night!

Jocular, jovial and jubilant.

I want to share this quote with you – ‘Do not fear mistakes. There are none!’ Miles Davis.

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