A Happy Halloween

A Happy Halloween

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Sunburst Cottage was framed by yellow, fiery red, gold, copper and bronze leafed trees. Autumn had arrived. Dizzy heard the postman come up the garden path, the fallen acorns were crackling underneath his feet. The letter box creaked, a postcard fluttered then the letter box flapped close.

When Dizzy arrived at the front door there lying on the doormat was a postcard of a puffin. He immediately knew this postcard was from Papa Admiral. Dizzy picked it up, turned it over and read.

‘On my way to celebrate Halloween with you all. Let’s have a family party! I’ll organise everything! See you soon and love you all. Papa A.’

Dizzy took the postcard into the kitchen.

“Mummy, Papa Admiral is going to organise a Halloween party for us!” said Dizzy as he handed over the postcard to Mummy Dee-Dee.

“Yeah!” went Dash and Dazzle who were eating their breakfasts.

“Great, won’t that be fun!” said Mummy Dee-Dee excitedly.

“I can’t wait!” shouted Dizzy.

But Dizzy had to wait ten days until Papa Admiral arrived on his boat ‘The Jolly Dodger’.

“Good morning crew!” shouted Papa Admiral when he arrived at Sunburst Cottage.

“Papa!” screamed the puppies as they ran to hug him.

“Easy ship mates, you’ll damage this old sea dog! Have you sorted out your guising outfits for the party?” asked Papa Admiral.

“Guising? Papa what’s guising!” asked Dazzle.

“Sorry, I forgot to mention, we are having an old fashion traditional Halloween party, like the kind of parties I had when I was a pup! Guising is an old Scottish name, its short for disguise, you change the way you look by dressing up! Have you sorted out your dressing up outfits?” asked Papa Admiral.

“I’m going to be a ghost! Mummy gave me an old bed sheet and she cut out eyes for me.” said Dash.

“I’m going to be a zombie! Mummy is going to do my makeup.” said Dazzle.

“I’m going to be a pirate! Oh arrh!” said Dizzy.

Photo by Pixabay

“Wow, you are organised. Sounds like your Mummy has been very busy. Well, I’ve been busy too. We are going to have our Halloween party next to and on board ‘The Jolly Dodger’. And I’m going to be a Mummy!” said Papa Admiral.

The puppies laughed.

“No, I’m not going to be your Mummy. I’m going to be an Egyptian Mummy, covered in bandages!” said Papa Admiral.

The puppies giggled.

“We need to make some lanterns.” said Papa Admiral.

“We’ll need to buy pumpkins from the shop.” said Dazzle.

“In the olden days we didn’t have pumpkins, we used neeps instead.

“Neeps?” asked Dash.

“It’s another Scottish word, this times its for a swede.” said Papa Admiral.

“What is a swede?” asked Dazzle.

“A swede is a big vegetable a bit like a turnip. We would just go into the field and pick neeps. Let’s see if Farmer Herbert has got any neeps in his fields.” said Papa Admiral.

The triplets and Papa Admiral walked down Birch Lane looking in the fields for neeps. Finally they found a neep field.

“Ok, I’ll phone Farmer Herbert and get his permission to go into his field and get five neeps.” said Papa Admiral.

The puppies had seen lots of pumpkins before but they weren’t too sure what a neep looked like.

“Alright ship mates, we’ve got permission, time to find the best five neeps we can.” said Papa Admiral.

Half the neep grows under the ground and the other half above, you have to pull them out to see how big they are. Dash ran around and he found himself a lovely neep. Dazzle found an interesting neep that was covered in lumps and bumps. Dizzy took his time and he was lucky, he selected a neep that was bigger than everyone else’s.

When they got back to Sunburst Cottage Papa Admiral used a large sharp knife to cut out the inside of the neeps.

“Neeps smell funny.” said Dash.

“They smell like the countryside. It’s an earthy smell.” said Dizzy.

“Dazzle could you please give the inside of the neeps to your Mummy. She might be able to make us some neep and potato soup. We can have the soup while we sit around the bonfire.” said Papa Admiral.

“We are having a bonfire! Yeah!” clapped Dazzle.

“Can I have a ghost face carved on my neep please Papa?” asked Dash.

“And can I have cross bones on my neep boat please?” asked Dizzy.

“Certainly boys!” said Papa Admiral.

When Dazzle returned she wanted a zombie neep carved. Papa Admiral did an amazing job carving all the neep lanterns. The triplets thought they looked as good pumpkin ones.

Photo by Pixabay

“Ok Dash, Dazzle and Dizzy, we need to search for some firewood for the bonfire. If you find two branches take one and leave one for the hedgehogs and other animals who will need shelter during Autumn and Winter.” said Papa Admiral.

The puppies looked around the garden for broken branches to use as firewood they found some and left some for the hedgehogs.

“Time to get into our disguises.” said Papa Admiral.

“Time to get guising!” said Dizzy.

“Well remembered Dizzy, good boy.” said Papa Admiral.

Mummy Dee-Dee had been very busy in the kitchen she had made soup using the neeps. She had also made treacle scones and toffee apples. She put everything into a big basket along with fresh apples and a tin of treacle. Then she helped the puppies get into their Halloween disguises. Then she put on her own disguise, a witch’s outfit.

When Mummy Dee-Dee and the puppies arrived at the river, the bonfire was lit and The Jolly Dodger was decorated with pretend cobwebs, spiders and bats. But there was no sign of Papa Admiral.

“It looks spooky!” said Dash excitedly.

“It feels scary here!” said Dazzle timidly.

“Where’s Papa?” asked Dizzy.

Just then Papa Admiral jumped out from behind a tree dressed head to paws in bandages, he looked very scary. Dazzle screamed!

“Did I scare you?” asked Papa Admiral.

“Yes!” said Dazzle, who was now dressed as a green zombie with two bolts sticking out of her neck. She looked pretty scary herself.

“In the olden days it was a tradition to play tricks on people at Halloween parties. So you better watch out! Let’s dook for apples!” said Papa Admiral.

“Dook? What?” asked Dash.

The puppies watched as Papa Admiral put the fresh apples Mummy brought into his old tin bath filled with water. The apples plopped and bobbed about on the water. The triplets were blindfolded and the game was to bite an apple while it bobbed about in the water.

Photo by Pixabay

Dash splashed about in his ghost disguise trying to find apples, wetting everyone. Dazzle kept to the edge of the old tin bath waiting for apples to hit off the edge. Dizzy had to be saved twice by Mummy Dee-Dee as he nearly fell into the old tin bath a number of times.

“That was fun.” said Dash.

“I loved that game.” said Dazzle.

“More! I want to play more games Papa.” shouted Dizzy excitedly whilst running in circles trying to catch his tail.

Papa Admiral hung up Mummy Dee-Dee’s treacle scones on the cross beam of the boat. They were dangling from string at different heights then he covered the scones in sticky treacle.

The puppies had to jump up and try to catch a treacle scone in their mouths’ it was hard as the scones swung back and forth.

Suddenly Dash stopped jumping.

“What’s going on?” asked Dash.

“Got you! I just tricked you. You are standing on treacle Dash, you’re stuck and now you can’t jump.” said Papa Admiral.

They all laughed including Dash while he sat licking his sticky paws.

“Shipmates grab your neep lanterns, we’ll light them and we’ll have story time by the fire.” said Papa Admiral.

The puppies, Mummy Dee-Dee and Papa Admiral sat around the bonfire. The fire crackled and sparked sending fiery fairy embers dancing into the sky. The carved faces of the neeps flickered and looked frightening in the dark. The triplets sat crunching on toffee apples whilst Papa Admiral told scary stories about empty boats at sea.

Photo by Pixabay

“Time for a sea chant song and dance I think.” said Papa Admiral as he grabbed his accordion.

“Can I do my Zombie dance please?” asked Dazzle.

“Great idea Dazzle.” said Papa Admiral as he started playing.

Dazzle started her Zombie dance, Dazzle moved slowly almost staggering like a zombie. Then Papa Admiral started to play faster and faster. Dazzle tried to keep up with the music, she danced faster and faster until her head was spinning and she fell into Mummy Dee-Dee’s arms.

“Got you Dazzle! Tricked you!” said Papa Admiral.

They all laughed including Dazzle.

Mummy Dee-Dee handed out the hot soup.

“It tastes yummy, thank you Mummy.” said Dazzle.

“Alright where’s our pirate?” asked Papa Admiral.

Dizzy put up his hand. Papa Admiral put a blindfold round Dizzy’s eyes and put him on his back and carried him on board the Jolly Dodger.

“Pirates are so naughty and naughty pirates need to walk the plank!” said Papa Admiral as he spun Dizzy around.

“ Dizzy you need to walk the plank. You’d better be careful because if you fall off the plank you’ll land in the murky waters of the deep. There are sharks and crocodiles waiting for you below.” said Papa Admiral.

Slowly Dizzy edged one paw in front of the other along the plank. He wobbled a bit trying to keep his balance. Just before he reached the end of the plank, he wobbled a bit too much and fell!

But he didn’t fall into the murky waters, he was still on dry land. He took off his blindfold there were no sharks or crocodiles, just his family laughing. Dizzy laughed too!

“Got you Dizzy! Tricked you!” said Papa Admiral.

The puppies looked at each other they needed to play a trick on Papa Admiral.

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Let’s dance again Papa.” said Dizzy.

Dazzle started playing Papa’s accordion while Mummy Dee-Dee, Dash, Dizzy and Papa Admiral began dancing. When Papa Admiral wasn’t looking Dizzy grabbed the end of the bandage that was wrapped round him. As Papa Admiral moved round and round the bandage slowly unravelled.

“Selfie Time!” announced Dizzy.

They all got together for the photo.

“Got you! You’ve been tricked Papa!” said Dash.

Papa Admiral looked at the photo there was a ghost, a zombie, a pirate, a witch and an old sea dog in his vest and long johns!

They all laughed including Papa Admiral.

As the bonfire died down they toasted marshmallows and Mummy Dee-Dee told the puppies stories about Halloween when she was a little girl.

“Thank you Papa for organising our traditional Halloween party. It’s the best Halloween party ever!” said Dazzle.

‘Can we do it all again next year?” asked Dash.

“Yes of course!” said Papa Admiral.

“Great we’ll have time to think up some tricks to play on you!” said Dizzy.

Everyone laughed.

Photo by Pixabay